Yellow Chunky Cm 6 Weeks Pregnant I Am 12 DPO As Of Tomorrow. Can Someone Give Me Hope? Read These Symptoms And Tell Me What You Think.?

I am 12 DPO as of tomorrow. Can someone give me hope? Read these symptoms and tell me what you think.? - yellow chunky cm 6 weeks pregnant

I have two children 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. years. It was time for me and not paid to the symptoms at this time. They were planned, but he still has more to happen as it is now ... I am 29 years old. I ovulate 7th Sex in the 5th 6. 7. 8. and 9, sometimes twice a day. Is supported by my work, then back.
Anywho, breast tenderness, but not outrageously painful, so tired, I slept at 6 clock this evening for an hour without realizing it, nap and I never wanted to do. My nose is not very sensitive, not more than normal PMS. Urinating a lot. (This part could be in my head so) and I'm sorry if this is TMI, but usually only # 2 would be twice a week and 3 DPO till now, I every day, loose stools. Very unusual for me. My throat is still very high, soften, but now closed, I know the discharge "thick and yellow. I had cramps very low tendency in the 4 days, is'nt one or the other sometimes favor and AF even for 3 days. I never done before AF cramps, only days or when I'm ovulating. Very excited to mourn, too. So have you, ladies had exactly the same thing happens, but you finally Preggo? BFN last two mornings: (
Baffles me, but my breasts hurt this bad cramps and 11/12 within 3 to 4 days and still no BFP DPO. I do not know show up to 14 DSB in May or later .. I just read most of my symptoms again, and if you tell me if there is hope, I am very discouraged.


chica120 said...

Oh wee Hunny Barac itself, because it can be Preggers !!!!! I have the same symptoms and do not know why I cramp so long before my time, but I think that I am 10 weeks pregnant. Just wait. I know your nerver shelves, but I have not tested until 7 days after my period of absence. I also had a slight nosebleed and Set It Off. I knew then. But all signs point to do !!!!! This may be it. I'll take you in my prayers. and I wish him luck.

lol i support my ass later. all I could hear what works. not to mention my friend was a joke and I said our heads in the air: "GET IN lol it baby" and it worked.

lot of baby powder !!!!!!

ttc #1 4 years said...

You take a test identification Taxes not forget that almost all the symptoms of pregnancy, almost every month

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