Show About Puppets From 90s What Is The Name Of A Punk Song About A Girl Being Out Of Someones League. The Video I Think Featured Puppets?

What is the name of a punk song about a girl being out of someones league. The video I think featured puppets? - show about puppets from 90s

I remember using in the 90s on MTV2, to show a music video for a punk band and the video was very stupid, but it was), especially the guys from the band in a laboratory (or school, the one singing girl he loved was out of the league.
Video Puppets had offered great and perhaps the band had to keyboards
I remember loving the song, but can not remember his name. I mean, the band's name was something like "scientific", but they are a post-punk band from the 80s and it was half of the 90s pop-punk band.

they were still very nerd.


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