Introduction To The Nikon D90 Volume 2: Advanced Topics Worth Upgrading To A Nikon D80?

Worth upgrading to a Nikon D80? - introduction to the nikon d90 volume 2: advanced topics

Now, with the introduction of the Nikon D90, I realized that the D80 prices fall.

I have a D40, and I thought to sell it and you get a D80.

Would it be worth, or I go with my D40 and with what I happy?

Thanks in advance!


testQ said...

Depends on what they see as the limitations of the D40 to work. If you use a wider range of targets access autofocus is really worth. I see no other reason for the shift to a D80 from a D40.

isaacnic... said...

There are many reasons to upgrade. Here are a few.
The D40 offers not only a 3-point range, the D80 offers a focal point, 11-point, to focus more accurately and faster.
The D40 offers only 2.5 frames per second (fps) vs. 3 frames per second and 100 JPEG-D80 is the ability of consecutive shots.
The D80 can be below 2700 images on a single battery charge.
The optional battery for starting the D80 can quickly and battery life. (The role of the impressive shot every day or long exposure times)
The 10.1 megapixel D80 D-40 6.1 (longer allowed, the culture and to a larger picture to print).
The D-80 is looing largest and most capable administrators D-SLR cameras with the possibility of using lenses of different styles.

Here are two pages, which I have to be very useful. They offer a comparison of video tutorials and D80/D40.

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