Lady Libertine What Is The Title To This Particular Movie?

What is the title to this particular movie? - lady libertine

Located in England, in 1700, it seems to give or take a few hundred years. This is NOT the Libertine, I have seen. I remember the trailer for the film, we see a man outside a house, servants, and said something like "My wife says, can give a pig, but not (be)". I remember it was a movie I wanted to see, but I have not seen a trailer for her since then, and I can not remember the title. I saw the trailer for two people, there may be three months, it could be still in the cinemas, or coming to DVD. (Not going to the theater, so I can only see in movies trailer DVD from Netflix.) Can anyone help?


Robert B said...

Results provided film is definitely Casanova with Heath Ledger. The quote you are looking for --

"My wife says the pig must stay outside, but we will take the animal." [A pig on the inside, apart from Casanova]

ali_mac_... said...

as Casanova

brokenst... said...

Do you know any details?

Director, Producer, businesses, actors, etc.?

blkrose6... said...

not England, Italy and Cassanova

Linds said...

Hmm, can not say what I think. But here is a website that can help.

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