Custom Chapstick If I'm Sending Something From The US To Japan, Do I Have To Fill Out A Customs Form?

If I'm sending something from the US to Japan, do I have to fill out a customs form? - custom chapstick

I sell a small stick sunscreen on eBay (a bit larger than a Chapstick) and send in a 7 "x 9" envelope, wrapped in a thin layer of bubble wrap.

I asked a question a potential buyer, whether he would send to Japan? I'm in Michigan. Can I have it in the mailbox or is it means I have to fill out?


Hughe W said...

Yes, every time you anything other than a letter or a postcard in the world of the United States, you need a customs form. You are at the post office free of charge and is to be completed in triplicate. Fortunately, the forms of carbon, so that just the information immediately.

Umm .. can be a silly question, but why any sensible person not a stick of sunscreen easy? I am sure that something like this available in Japan. It is likely that it invented.

Aya said...

I'm pretty sure that will help the people in the post, it could be, and are more likely to say with certainty that random strangers on the Internet. But in my experience, whenever you need anything from one country to another, there is always some sort of filling out the form, you have the customs people say it's in the package and how much they are worth.

bluemoon... said...

How not to be filled for personal use and for sale to the general public, the customs form in his case as hygiene items for personal use. I do not think that a statement is the value of less than 2,000 dollars in total for each shipment, with the exception of illegal products / cigarettes, alcohol / Hard / Fragrance is a necessity in customs import duties range from Japan personal use anyway.

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