Soapy Taste In Mouth Symptom Of Pregnancy PID Ever Caused Metallic/soapy Taste Or Indigestion?

PID ever caused metallic/soapy taste or indigestion? - soapy taste in mouth symptom of pregnancy

The ladies had in the past, PID, you can develop a preference for metal soap in the mouth or have you ever indigestion?

With all the pregnancy symptoms I had, and the neg evidence in the local free clinic finally saw a real Gyno today. He ordered the ultrasound and blood tests. I asked him if he Thoth prego? He said that everything is possible (to hear so great a doctor that instead) to contemptuously.

Ultrasonic check on Monday with the pregnancy or PID, I'll be back on the results of 31 days. Before that, I would like to know if it could be PID? DO NOT have lost color or odor, I have an STD. The doctor was able to wash away any contact with the metallic taste and soap and indigestion, I have ever developed.

It has no WiPID or already have a foretaste indegestion metal or very badly?

My "pregnancy" symptoms in this order (and outside);

Nausea, headache, excessive salivation,
metallic / sour taste / Soap
Breast tenderness


lilmomma... said...

Well, the original question - what could be a combination of things and could very well one of those named. Every woman experiences something different when Prego. Some crazy stuff! However, could be a sinus infection causes no symptoms. (I'm) very similar symptoms with my crap chronic sinusitis is the best way to wait and see what the doctor to draw hasty conclusions or worry every time said. Good luck! When asked about the ENP. I am treated at the time when the PID 2 I am a part of 9% and by a bacterial infection and not common sexually transmitted disease is caused. It is a very painful infection that radiating pain in the pelvic area, like the pain of the contractions. It can cause fever, pain on urination, traffic, movement of the intestine andList some other things. 1000000 women each year with him and about 100,000 will be infertile diagnoised. If left untreated, may worsen and spread to other organs. Hope this helps!

brown_fo... said...

It sounds like the symptoms of an ovarian cyst to me. However, metallic taste INTHE mouth with soap, nausea, headache, excessive salivation, indigestion, and sounds like the symptoms of sinusitis. Sinus infections also cause stomach problems

love for all said...

Why do the symptoms seem to have a cyst? (the lady who answered the first? taste the taste of you is a sign of pregnancy. I'm not a doctor and tell them you are prego but what Iam saying is that many women a taste of "experiences in my mouth. It is soap, but definitely the metallic taste. tastew It's almost like blood or copper. "I'm sorry, but could you explain what is the PID?

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