Isit Safe To Lift Weights Upstairs The Doctor Prescribed Gynazole For A Yeast Infection And I Am 12 Weeks Pregnant Isit Safe?

The doctor prescribed gynazole for a yeast infection and I am 12 weeks pregnant isit safe? - isit safe to lift weights upstairs

Has anyone heard of it and can drink?


startrek... said...

Yes, and you make more comfort

tally said...

The doctors are all kinds of drugs during pregnancy and childhood, and do not really know what they are doing sometimes.

They gave me Tylenol 3, after my son while I was nursing. Two weeks later we learned that a child died in the same hospital due to overdose of Tylenol 3s ... So, moral of the story: If you at all care levels, should the risk of mother - www. All types of special studies on drugs and the fact that the Med harm baby.

It is "her" baby and you want to make sure he does everything to give the best start - good luck! :)

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