Soap Gifts Can You Use Regular Soap To Make Decorative Soaps For Gifts?

Can you use regular soap to make decorative soaps for gifts? - soap gifts

Will the soap Ivory soap or a similar gift to melt, or do I buy glycerine soap?

It melts?


Jensenfa... said...

If you want to mold a different path, you need to do anything for them. Delta has a product called soap and candle holders, with the color and the use of soaps and candles (of course:) can be mixed. If you use basic instructions, like it.
You can also try to grind the soap. It's been a while since I have not observed the process, but I think the destruction of a regular soap and press into the pan. It takes longer to process, I think it is too dry. ...
This site has a video on the hand milled soap, if you're interested.

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