Canes Crutches Walkers What Do You Consider To Be Disabled?

What do you consider to be disabled? - canes crutches walkers

Do you think that, the person to help people with disabilities through a door if they do not walk without a cane or crutches or a walker. Although there seems to be bent a little?
What do you think people who can take your car in the shop, but still be parked in a handicapped?
What do you see as being disabled?


mthompso... said...

You can not always say that no one is able to appear to be. For example, can park the person walking to his car in a place with a disability have heart disease. Someone who does not use a cane or even neurological disabilities, arthritis or other conditions. I've helped (as they may have raised concerns prior to the person behind me to make something when I see have the same problems), and not worry whether they have a disability or not.

purpleau... said...

I am disabled .. and I do not ave a trademark of parking, even thought sometimes that you need it. I fibramylgia, and some days I can not get out of bed, barely walk, take pain in very ill and needs a lot of drugs, others feel very good, and not walk with a cane, but I think my husband and I, if I walk into a store if I have a buggy or it must remain not only in the
Disabilities do not work in the situation, as they usually

rei said...

Anyone who is not as agile as me ..

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