Discount Advances What Adapers Are Requiered For Egypt And Where Can I Get Them Discount?

What Adapers are Requiered for Egypt and where can i get them discount? - discount advances

I am delighted to Egypt for a trip. And bring a video camera to the promenade. Am I:
1. You need an adapter?
2. If so, what kind of watts (etc.)
3. Where can I get it? Or for the rebate, if possible.
Thanks in advance


Mohamed said...

Electricity in Egypt is 220V/60Hz, make sure that all electrical connections are compatible with this. 230 If it is too.
The power consumption (output) are usually taken Pin 2
You can find everything you need in Egypt, Radio Shack and other stores
That is all.

Caesar said...

RadioShack ..
2 of the study-type electrical connectors is required.

Erik said...


♥Daلooعa ♥5 months Till EGYPT said...

Make U-cuz you buy a good quality I bought a Straightners from there and it ruined my $ 200 hair

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