Havaianas Australia Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Havaianas W/ Aussie Flag Shipped To The US??

Does anyone know where I can get Havaianas w/ Aussie flag shipped to the US?? - havaianas australia

I lived in Australia a few years ago and had a pair of black sandals Havaianas I liked ... I lost in a river and havent had the chance to find online or anywhere in the United States, an idea?


CypKitty said...

Just keep looking on eBay, until they appear.

I was looking for a junior bridesmaid dress for me, because I thought it was paying too much for $ 200 at the store, if would've spent more in the coming years in an amendment to 8th I put on eBay each day and finally came to a dress! Of the same color and material and everything. All new and cost me only $ 60 including shipping!

This advice is always looking for, it seems only!

mcdonald... said...

City Beach
Try the site havianas
or go to ebay.com.au

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