Multiple Card Reader Multiple Memory Card Reader Problems?

Multiple Memory Card Reader Problems? - multiple card reader

I have a new USB 2.0 card with all popular memory storage format. The problem is that the wheels E, F, G, H, I and did not work shown. We have a constant waiting time and can no photos to one of them, but look at H is operational, but still does not work. I thought DVD Devil second unit would help, but unfortunately no viable access to copy photos. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you Gary


Ron75 said...

By connecting the card reader drive letter assigned to your computer. Now, go to My Computer and open it. All must appear as hard drives. Right click on the use to try and see if it shows the music files as a standard car, "or" tab. If so go instead to the image and click on pictures to tell read. Then insert the memory card and you should read them.


sm177y said...

These devices are displayed for the device, but the only way to be able to access what is, if you have a slot to happen. Otherwise it's just a vacuum unit.

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