Nerve Pain With Diverticulitis Is There A Relation Between Diverticulitis And Nerve Pain In Legs?

Is there a relation between diverticulitis and nerve pain in legs? - nerve pain with diverticulitis

I parasthetica meralgia - a burning and throbbing pain in my thigh - for more than 4 months. Very serious. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Then a few weeks ago I had an attack of diverticulitis caused an abscess that led to peritonitis and had to undergo emergency surgery. I had no symptoms of diverticulitis that I did not notice before the attack.

I believe that there is a relationship between the two, as he was in very good health, not a day over the years, until these problems. Edgar Cayce The Web site combines the two, but what about real life? Can anyone out there make the connection?

Or am I to be happy, very bad?


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