How Do You Get Hepatitis C More Condition_symptoms What Does It Mean If You Test Positive For Hepatitis C, And You Have More Tests And It Is Not Active?

What does it mean if you test positive for hepatitis C, and you have more tests and it is not active? - how do you get hepatitis c more condition_symptoms

It is possible to solve in 20% of patients with hepatitis C and had been able to overcome (). In this case, we have antibodies against the virus, which is first tested. If the charges are on the liver enzymes are normal, and viral nucleic acid testing (NAT) are negative, then, that more or less indicates that the virus is present. A word of warning, however, sufficient to constitute a single test with NAT, and not a screen for elevated liver enzymes to rule out chronic infections such as the two test results in May intermittent. Liver enzymes may be normal and negative NAT test, and even chronic active hepatitis.

The other possibility is that the original EIA or ELISA test was false positive. There are other RIBA confirmatory test (immunoblot assay) HCV can be done.

In general, which has no single test for both or either of the liver enzymes do not call it solves. You need to repeat the test. The positive test in question is the antibody test remains positive for life.


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